Төсөл хөтөлбөр

Golden Hill Project (GHP) is the first official Gold/Silver mine in the Zavkhan Aimag. The local area is logistically is very difficult to support but still posses a lot of potential for growth and development.

The project is currently invested in the construction phase of the project with the camp upgrade  near complete and the processing plant and worship underway. GHP has employed on site currently approximately 450 people for construction phase and will peak at 700. The numbers are comprised of both BA and contractors employees with a large commitment to local employment opportunities. 

Once construction is complete the manning numbers will drop to about 350 excluding the various local projects that are intended to be implemented to support the local and project needs and growth.

Mining operations is ramping up with the establishment of Haul Roads Topsoil stripping in conjunction with site earthworks support. GHP has progressed several training programs which includes 100% local enrollment into the CAT 773 truck training program.

GHP operations houses a fleet of 60 plus pieces of mobile equipment to support all aspects of the operations with a large majority of the operators from the local area.

The Mining operations, once started, will be an open cut pit mine with some steep terrain to contend with and Drill and Blast ratio of about 40%.

Bayan Airag considers Safety on site as an essential component to the working environment and place a high emphasis on safety throughout the training and ongoing activities of the operations.

GHP has already presented good benefits and growth to the local area and will continue to do so with the future developments and ongoing training through out the life of the mine.

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