Mongolian National Association of Fruit and Berries (MNAFB) is a non-government organization that provides professional services to its members who have voluntarily joined the association. Its members include sea buckthorn, fruit and berry growers, processors, researchers and other individuals and entities who are interested in fruit and berry cultivation and processing.

MNAFB was established in 2007 and has been stably operational since then. MNAFB was named as Mongolian Sea Buckthorn Growers and Producers Association (MSBGPA) between 2007 and 2016 and has been named as Mongolian National Association of Fruit and Berries (MNAFB) since January 2016 in relation to its scope of work, aim and direction of work.

MNAFB has been working in a national level structure by establishing subsidiary branches in administrative units and subunits. Those subsidiary branches have been working in compliance with their own bylaw, charter of MNAFB, its aim and objectives.


The aim of MNAFB lies in cooperating with public and private sector organizations and MNAFB members and supporters and serving them for the purpose of increasing the share of fruit, berry and products of fruit and berry origin in population food consumption and promoting the export of such products at a larger scope and better efficiency by basing on expanding the cultivation of sea buckthorn and other fruit and berry in Mongolia, protecting the resources of wild sea buckthorn and other fruit and berry, developing production and technology of processing of fruit, berry and other resources, and by enriching research-based studies of such.


MNAFB has been pursuing the following objectives with its aim described above:

  • Take a leading role together with public and private organizations and individuals in developing and implementing legal and strategic documents within the frame of defining state policy to be pursued in fruit and berry subsector;
  • Make a serious conclusion on the current situation where the consumption and supply of fruit and berry for the national population is dependent on import and aim on increasing cultivation of sea buckthorn and other fruit and berry that are adapted to the favorable ecological conditions and specific characteristics of nature and climate of the country and that can replace import and on ensuring food security and food safety;
  • Pay special attention to testing and selection fruit and berry varieties, adopt varieties that suit the ecological and climatic characteristics of the country, develop new varieties and introduce by efficiently using conventional and modern advanced technologies in seed and seedling propagation;
  • Get policy support from the state in developing scientific research and study of sea buckthorn and other fruit and berry in depth and in multiple fields of study;
  • Regularly search advanced agro-technologies aimed at increasing and stabilizing the yields of sea buckthorn and other fruit and berry;
  • Develop national sea buckthorn, fruit and berry sector in local and regional clusters, develop comprehensive market for products and marketing networks, increase supply of fruit and berry for local market besides increasing export of wild berries especially sea buckthorn;
  • Extend capacity of fruit and berry processing factories, introduce advancement of technique and technology in production, increase types and labels of products an comply with international standard requirements;
  • Support policy and activities for capacity building that are aimed at preparing and re-training personnel and human resources for the fruit and berry sector and provide cooperation;

Support policy and activities that are aimed at expanding cultivation of sea buckthorn and other trees and bushes for the purpose to protect resources of wild fruit and berry and conserve nature and provide cooperation.


At present, MNAFB has approximately 250 member entities and individuals. Besides, MNAFB has outreached approximately ten thousand people by covering in training, study, meetings, trade fairs, conferences and other multi-party events since 2010.

MNAFB has been stably running the following activities:

  • In regard to incorporating issues of the fruit and berry subsector in the national policy and legislation: Proposed and incorporated actual issues and challenges of the sector in the Law on Food, Law of Agriculture, other relevant laws and legislation, Government Policy on Food and Agriculture and government action plans;
  • Proposed “Sea Buckthorn” National Program to the line ministry and jointly implemented the program between 2010 and 2016. In result, sea buckthorn was cultivated on over 6,000 ha and its yield increased to over 3,000 tons. For the purpose to continuously implement the policy and activities for sustainable development of the sector, MNAFB, in cooperation with the line ministry, developed a national program of “Fruit and Berry” for 2018-2020;
  • Conducted studies and surveys, in the frame of consultancy services, together with researchers affiliating MNAFB on challenges and issues in need of addressing for the fruit and berry sector and submitted the findings in the form of recommendation to the policy makers, growers, processors, study/survey runners and international and banking and financing organizations operating in the country;
  • Paid attention to the upgrading and newly developing standards and technique and technological documents of the fruit and berry sector and got approval of authorized technical organization for 17 national standards for preparing seedlings of fruit and berry (sea buckthorn, black berry, cherry, apple, plum, raspberry, strawberry, chokberry, bird cherry, wild apple) and supplying fruit and berry and products of fruit and berry origin (testing methods for berry, oil, juice and nectar of sea buckthorn and black berry) which are all introduced into practice.
  • Trainingseminars and discussions: Fruit and berry sector of the country was well established and prospering during the planned economy period. However, the farms and research stations that were operational then have been stopped since transition to a market economy. So, considering the importance of providing basic level and advanced level of knowledge to those who are interested in newly operating a business in the sector and within the “Sea Buckthorn” national program, a wide range of training, seminars and discussion workshops has been organized including: а) Primary level training on agro-technology of sea buckthorn and other fruit and berry; b) Prevention from insects and diseases of fruit and berry and their control methods; c) Organic cultivation and production of fruit and berry; d) Processing technique of sea buckthorn and other fruit and berry; e) Preparing local trainers to provide advice to local fruit and berry growers; f) specialized trainings on topics like cultivation of strawberry, propagation of apple and plums with scions; g) specialized trainings organized in response to request made by international project and programs etc. Altogether, various types of training, seminars and discussion workshops were organized for the last six years covering participants from all aimags, cities representing business entities and individuals at approximately 90 events.
  • Forums, conferences and research conferences: National and regional events to review and provide solution or recommendation to challenges of the fruit and berry sector have been organized with an interval of 1-2 years. MNAFB organized, in 2011, in cooperation with MoFALI, General Assembly and Aimag Governor’s Office of Uvs aimag, a regional conference on implementation of the “Sea Buckthorn” national program among six western aimags covering 250 participants; In 2012, “Sea Buckthorn” national forum covering 150 persons representing all aimags, cities, research and training organizations in Ulaanbaatar city; in 2014, a research conference and 60th anniversary of Mongolian fruit and berry sector covering 160 persons from various stakeholders; in 2016, a conference titled “Challenges to the Fruit and Berry Sector and Their Solution” covering 69 persons engaged in research, study, government office and policy making. All these events made a contribution to timely assess implementation of the national program, consolidate aspects that need attention and further intensify implementation activities.
  • Promotion and information: Considering multiple channels of promotion and information as an important media for knowledge and information provision, MNAFB has been making use of the following to communicate with its members and interested persons and distribute knowledge and information to them: a) Giving emphasis to publishing books, brochures and manuals designed for growers, processors, students and researchers of sea buckthorn and other fruit and berry, a multi-author work titled “Reference Book of Mongolian Fruit and Berry” was produced in honor of the 60th anniversary of national fruit and berry sector, manuals titled “Consolidation of Work and Research of Fruit and Berry Scholars” and “Cultivation and Processing of Fruit and Berry”, book titled “Sea Buckthorn” by Academician Ch.Avdai , total nine books, pamphlets were distributed in a large quantity; b) In relation to implementation of national program, lessons and programs on technological methods and practices of cultivation and processing of sea buckthorn and other fruit and berry were prepared in cooperation with press and media and broadcasted via multiple channels TV and radio and other types do press and media widely in a frequent repetition; c) has been running from 2011, a website ( and from 2017, a Facebook page (Монголын жимс жимсгэний үндэсний холбоо) by regularly updating news and information and actively communicating with members and the general public.
  • Study and research: in response to selection and request made by the line ministry and major international projects that are implemented in the agriculture sector regarding challenges that need policy and solution in the fruit and berry sector, consultancy services are provided by MNAFB by forming a team of researchers and specialists, doing research and study and preparing recommendations based on findings of such research and survey and incorporating in further planning and policy: a) define location and extend of distribution of wild sea buckthorn and study its genetic resources and expand selection and research to establish its genetic fund; b) study fruit and berry markets, marketing and cluster development and reflect in further implementation of the program; c) study labor saving possibilities for sea buckthorn harvesting stage which requires huge labor work and develop advanced methods and technology of harvesting; d) study distribution of harmful insects if sea buckthorn and other fruit and berry and develop control methods; e) study characteristics and composition of sea buckthorn in great details; f) study sea buckthorn value chain within the frame of processing factories (in Ulaanbaatar city and Uvs aimag) and prepare recommendations in participation of researchers from the “Sea Buckthorn Cluster Initiatives” project team and “Study of Genetic Resources of Useful Plants” professors’ team by MNAFB.
  • Foreign relation and cooperation: MNAFB, since its establishment, has communicated with international organizations of similar interests, become a member of some, contacted business entities and research organizations that run fruit and berry cultivation and processing beside connecting them with similar organizations and researchers in Mongolia: a) in 2011, MNAFB became a member of the International Seabuckthorn Association (ISA); b) participated in biannual sea buckthorn research conference held by ISA three times (in Xining, Qinghai, PRC in 2011, in Potsdam, Germany in 2013 and in New Delhi, India in 2015) with a delegate of 12-36 persons and presented 3-5 presentations.
  • In 2017, with support of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UN FAO) representative in Mongolia, MNAFB became a member of the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) and has registered its annual conference for 2018 to be held in Turkey.
  • MNAFB has been communicating with research, education and study organizations of countries that have similar ecological and climatic conditions (Russian Federation, People’s Republic of China, Canada), higher development of technique and technology of fruit and berry cultivation and processing (German Federal Republic, Japan), potential export markets for sea buckthorn products (Japan, Republic of Korea, Taiwan) and connecting them with Mongolian entities and similar organizations and have supported them to make a memorandum of understanding or agreement of cooperation with each other. For instance: a) groups of researchers, growers and processors worked in research institutes, processing factories and entities of Buriat, Tuva, Khakas, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Barnaul, Gorniy Altai of RF in 2013, 2016 and 2017, started business connection, effected agreement of cooperation and have been cooperating since then; b) organized “Visit Organic Mongolia” trade fair in Tokyo, Japan, together with Mongolian Chamber of Commerce in result of which trial export of sea buckthorn products has started since 2013.
  • MNAFB has been cooperating with projects, programs and representatives that are implemented by intentional, banking and financial, inter-government and voluntary organizations in food, agriculture and environmental conservation sectors of Mongolia in regard to expanding fruit and berry cultivation, supporting processing SMEs and provision of training сургалт, promotion and information dissemination. For instance: international organizations like UN FAO, International Fund for Agricultural Development, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Union have provided various support to local entities and individuals working in fruit and berry sector and have decided to implement a wide range of financial, investment and technical assistance activities.


Implicating growth and propagation, two green branches of sea buckthorn made into a curve and joined at the bottom by a banner which displays “MNAFB” and within this frame three berries of sea buckthorn with golden color of minerals on top three ever green leaves represent the shape of a crown symbolizing that sea buckthorn is the “King of Berries” and at the same represents all other fruit and berry.


MNAFB has a degree and batch of honor called “Honored Worker” and Leading Worker” designed for members and individuals who make success by working hard or producing a work and a batch for its members.

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Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar city, Sukhbaatar district 1, “AZMON” center, room no. 503

Telephone number: 976 – 7015 – 6339, 976 – 9911 – 6339


Facebook page: Монголын жимс жимсгэний үндэсний холбоо